If you are ready to stop living a mediocre life - this is the place to be.
Kids, work, life - they all leave you feeling like you don't even know who you are anymore. 
Not only that, but you might be feeling a little bitter; a little angry; a little stressed out, and you don't even necessarily know WHY you feel that way.
Probably, it's because you feel like you've given up everything for these people who eat the special ice cream treats you bought just for you, without even asking if they can...
 or you know, something along those lines.
Life is meant to be lived, and you aren't living it the way you thought you would. Not even close. 
Boldly Going is the actionable part of Just Boldly Go. It's where you go for daily reminders, inspiration, and general answers for ways you can inject boldness into your life, and banish mediocrity forever.
It's $5 a month, or roughly 16 cents a day, to remind yourself that life isn't about just getting through the day. It's about living the one and only life you have, and showing your kids that it's the only way to really live.